Course Contents - Property Auction Masterclass

And if you're wondering exactly what you'll learn during the Masterclass, here's an overview of each module....



Module 01


Module 1 - Introduction to the Masterclass

Martin introduces the course and himself, his background and experience. He also shows what the Masterclass will cover and how to use the course. 

1.1: Introduction
1.2: Course Overview

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Module 02


 Module 2 - Why Property

Martin looks at property as an asset class and why it is a good investment.He looks at what it takes to be a property developer, the skills needed and suggests how to build a team of people around you to help.

2.1: Property as an asset class
2.2: Pros and Cons of being a property developer
2.3: Take Your time!
2.4: Assess your abilities
2.5: Building your dream team


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Module 03

Module 3 - Why Auctions

Martin introduces the course and himself, his background and experience. He also shows what the Masterclass will cover and how to use the course. 

3.1: Top 10 reasons to buy & sell at auction
3.2: The disadvantages of buying at auction
3.3: Who auctions are suitable for
3.4: The importance of research


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Module 04

Module 4 - How Auctions Work

Martin talks to David Sanderman, Founder of Essential Information Group about the history of property auctions and the reasons why properties end up in auction.What the seller does and what the Legal Pack contains.  


4.1: A brief history of auctions
4.2: Why do properties end up at auction?
4.3: What kind of properties end up at auction?
4.4:What does the seller do?
4.5: Preparing for the auction


4.6: Guide price, Reserve and auction catalogues
4.7: Auction timescales
4.8: Alternative auction methods
4.9: Hints and tips from the experts


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Module 05

Module 5 - The Types of Property at Auction

This module explores the great range of properties that typically end up in auctions. What to look out for and how to spot major defects.It describes where to get information about a property, the importance of research, what to avoid and how to spot a bargain.There's also input from a solicitor on common legal issues found in auction properties. 


5.1: Repossessed properties
5.2: Probate properties
5.3: Agricultural and farm properties
5.4: Land
5.5: Derelict properties
5.6: Problem properties


5.7: Unusual properties
5.8: Common problems with auction properties
5.9: Rot, rats and infestation
5.10: Top 10 things to research
5.11: Buying property blind
5.12: Tips from the experts

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Module 06

Module 6 - Raising Finance & Accounting

Here Martin talks to finance experts about the options for raising finance on auction properties. What lenders are looking for. Specialist auction finance such as bridging loads are explained and Martin also looks at other ways to raise capital for a purchase.

6.1: Options for raising finance
6.2: Other sources of finance
6.3: Budgeting


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Module 07

Module 7 - On Location

Follow Martin as he visits and reports on a number of auction lots prior to the auction. What is he looking out for. What might he do with the property and is it a good buy.He shows you what good due diligence looks like so you can assess whether a property is a good buy or not.


7.1: Introduction and Property #1 viewing
7.2: Property #2 viewing
7.3: Property #3 viewing


7.4: Property #4 viewing
7.5: Property #5 viewing
7.6: Things to take on a viewing
7.7: 10 things to look out for when viewing auction property


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Module 08

Module 8 - Setting Up your Business

Away from the properties themselves, Martin talks with a qualified accountant about the options for structuring your property business. How to create a simple agreement, the mistakes people make and how to make it successful. 

8.1: Property Due Diligence
8.2: Auction purchase vehicles
8.3: Top 10 things to look out for when buying as a business

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Module 09


Module 9 - On Location at the Auction

In this module Martin goes to an actual auction and talks you through all the preparations to make before going, how to bid, bid strategy and what to expect if you are the winning bidder. He talks to various auctioneers and gleans tips from them about how to nail the auction itself.

9.1: Introduction to the auction day
9.2: The Auction!
9.3: Post auction summary

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Module 10

Module 10 - Post Auction, Renovation & Restoration

Martin explains what happens after the auction and the process up to completion. He suggests what projects to undertake and discusses with a qualified architect the process of applying for planning permission and permitted development.


10.1 - What Happens When You're Successful at Auction?
10.2 - Getting Insurance
10.3 - Lining Up Your Tradespeople
10.4 - The Refurb



10.5 - Top 10 Projects to undertake for LESS than £5000
10.6 -Top 10 Projects to undertake for MORE than £5000
10.7 - Personalising the Refurb
10.8 - Planning & Permitted Development  


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Module 11

Module 11 - Selling Property At Auction

Auctions are not just for buyers and in this module Martin talks about the case for selling at auction. Who might it suit best and how to prepare your property for sale at auction. There's more legal advice and information on how to create the Legal Pack. 

11.1 - Advantages of Selling at Auction
11.2 - Disadvantages of Selling at Auction
11.3 - What Information goes into the Legal Pack?
11.4 - Top 10 Tips for Preparing Your Property for Auction
11.5 - Final Words


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Module 12

Module 12 - Summary, Review & Next Steps

Martin revisits what has been covered in the Masterclass, and summarises with Top Auction tips and Mistakes. There's some final comments from the auctioneers and experts and pointers for further information.

12.1 - Auction Masterclass Summary
12.2 - Final Words from the Auctioneers
12.3 - Martin's Ultimate Top 10 Auction Tips
12.4 - Martin's Ultimate Top 10 Auction Mistakes
12.5 - Final Words and Goodbye!


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