Elite Training Courses

For those students who have completed the 3 day Basic Making Money From Property training course, there is the option to choose from a wide variety of elite training programmes, also offered by my training partners. Depending on what strategy you choose to employ in your property investing journey, there are specialist courses to suit all disciplines.

They are delivered by highly experienced experts in the particular field who will in turn introduce you to specialist companies relevant to the training content.

Whether you're a first timer, dipping your toe into the world of property, or already an investor looking at ways to increase profitability, access untapped property opportunities, and streamline your business, then this weekend is for you. There are some incredible opportunities out there at the moment, but you need to surround yourself by people who can help you make the most of them. My workshop is the ideal place to do that! 

Elite Training courses include:



This 3-day training is the entry point to your advanced training programme and it has been designed by property investment experts to provide an environment that will build momentum and give you the strategic plan you need to take your property investment career to the next level. During the course you will be introduced to specific core competencies including goal setting, strategy development, area selection, lead generation and marketing, property analysis and deal assessment, portfolio management and running this as a business. In addition you will be introduced to the benefits of each of the Tigrent advanced trainings so that you are able to determine which combination of courses best fits your set of personal circumstances in order to give you the necessary tools and the right steps to take control of your financial future.

Based in our permanent training facility in Richmond, London you will be surrounded by approximately 80 positive green lighters, the people who like you, want to gain the knowledge, the network and the momentum to make their property investment path a successful and enjoyable one. This course is hosted by two main speakers and you will also meet a number of guests including a selection of mentors from the mentorship program. The whole of Sunday afternoon is dedicated to spending time with the mentors in group consultation sessions enabling you to fine tune your strategy so that by the end of Day 3 you are clear about the next steps you need to take.

At Momentum you will learn:

  • How to set goals and objectives that link to your personal set of circumstances, your financial freedom figure and your broader aspirations.
  • How to finance the purchases – learn what the trainers and mentors do and have done. We also bring in a mortgage broker who will illustrate the products and options available to you depending on your strategy and investment profile. A solicitor will also visit us during the weekend to explain the legalities and tax implications to consider when setting up, building and protecting your business.
  • A system and the correct sequence of activities using interactive exercises that will allow you to create a business plan appropriate to your personal investment profile, the strategy that you want to implement and the area you want to invest in. You will walk away with the information you need to create a 6 month plan to get you from Momentum to Mentorship or to simply kick start your investment career.
  • How to build your property power team and you will learn the importance of networking and negotiation in your development as a professional property investor.
  • The importance of mentoring and using the support structure provided by people that have already built successful property portfolios.




Three days held in our permanent training facility we will help you create and develop a long term strategic plan that helps protect your hard earned wealth for you, your future and those that matter to you.

We will therefore cover:

  • Asset protection techniques used by the wealthy.
  • Ownership mechanisms.
  • Partnerships.
  • Sole Traders.
  • Limited Companies.
  • Off shore.
  • Trusts.
  • Corporations.
  • Importance of Inheritance.
  • Wills, Trusts, Taxation.
  • How to shield your assets from potential problems.
  • Financial awareness.
  • Regulated products and solutions overview (pensions, investment funds, diversification etc.)

The course provides specialists in these areas, and specialists in property taxation. Once completed you may realise that this was the course to do first, it is not always about what you can make but about what you can save!




Developed and run by three BTL experts with decades of combined experience in all aspects of BTL, this training will help you to start building your own sustainable property portfolio. it will also help you manage your BTL business effectively day to day, as well as show you how to keep growing your business using strategies that work in today’s market.

This training features methods for effi cient set up and management of your property portfolio, no matter the size. Learn about the legislation you need to know in order to remain compliant with regulations, as well as procedures and best practise for handling tenants and maximising your income from BTL.

During the 3 days we will cover:

  • How to find good BTL deals
  • How to manage the tax implications
  • How to find and check that you have a good quality tenant
  • How to set up and manage a tenancy
  • The safety legislation required to remain legally compliant
  • The eviction process and how to serve notice on a tenant
  • How to effectively manage maintenance
  • How to minimise voids
  • Hedging property for the future
  • Resources and support for Landlord



Compared to recent years there are now more properties being sold at auction and with fewer amateur investors trying to buy properties this way it really is a fantastic time for the educated investor to use this strategy to find a real bargain. This unique 3-day course will give you comprehensive and behind the scenes training on the benefits and steps required to buy successfully at Auction. During the 3 days you will physically meet and discuss the forthcoming auction with the auction house itself; review and visit selected properties; attend the live auction and then review the outcome of the day with the auctioneers. It’s an outstanding hands-on training course that will give you an effective model for buying at any auction house across the UK.

By the end of the training you will know:

• What type of property you want and why you want it.
• How to research the properties so you understand a property’s future potential.
• What a property is worth in its current state and what the value will be after improvement.
• What your exit strategies are.
• The legal process when buying at auction.
• How to get your finances in place before the auction so there are no surprises when the hammer comes down.
• How to determine your bid level having taken into consideration all the costs associated with the purchase and potential improvement work etc.
• What checks you need to do on auction day, the rules, regulations and auction house protocol.
• What happens after the hammer falls, how to buy before auction or how to bid after auction if a property is unsold.





Over the 3 days we will:

  • Review the strategies of Commercial investing. Including no money down strategies.
  • Assess the financial implications, how to set up finance, where to get it.
  • Build a solid positive cash flow, look at rent reviews, long term contracts.
  • Commercial finance, how to apply who to apply to. All the details of a commercial finance application.
  • Identifying the Landlord and tenant responsibilities.
  • Classifications and different sectors of commercial property.
  • Learn the terms used in light industry and commercial buildings.
  • Learn to invest in a systematic and time efficient manner.
  • Evaluating the property both structurally and financially.
  • Evaluating the tenant, how secure is your cashflow.
  • Understanding the tax side of things.
  • Setting a different strategy using retail units.
  • Understand the local authorities and national government schemes.
  • Seeking out opportunities, where to look who to ask.

The first commercial property course was presented in 2005 looking at all different aspects of commercial properties and the many facets of generating continued and long term cash flow. This course is highly sought after by our senior customers as they look to diversify and expand their portfolios. A truly great course.




Three days of mind blowing techniques & ideas on how to search for, find & negotiate deals with little or none of your own money.

During the 3 days we will cover:

  • Finding your Area
  • The ‘Key’ to financing
  • Financing houses
  • Back to Back deals
  • Portfolio Finance
  • Vendor Finance
  • Commercial Finance
  • Bridging Finance
  • Angel Finance
  • Government loans and grants
  • Seller finance

This course is a very interactive course, over the 3 days we show many examples, of what has been achieved, how these deals were structured and how they were negotiated. A very popular course with some highly motivated and successful instructors. A must for any investor!




This classroom style training takes you deep into the reality of Development, Refurbishment and Repossession. We analyse properties, their prices
and then assess the most efficient ways to achieve maximums gains in all markets and conditions. This course has been designed to show the Novice Investor to the ‘Larger Players’, how to create immediate cash sums, how to force appreciate the investment and structure a portfolio to create
True Wealth.

The 3 days are held in our richmond training facility and our instructors will teach you:

  • How to identify distressed property and create large amounts of equity.
  • Identifying markets that work within your strategy.
  • Money making strategies to apply – what to look out for.
  • Sourcing deals & negotiating a Win Win result.
  • Repossession techniques which create large cash sums and ongoing cash flow.
  • What the surveyors look out for and how to avoid those hidden problems.
  • Making a business out of distressed property / distressed vendors … massive rewards!
  • Grants and incentives available to developers.
  • Raising the finance – how to fund each deal.
  • Lease option possibilities – how to apply them?
  • Buying at auction – the benefits and pitfalls.





These are a breed of the Buy-To-Let market but by their very nature they are higher cash flowing properties. not-withstanding the benefits there are regulations to grapple with. Get them right and your income can be increased dramatically. Therefore we have designed a specific 3 day course around this strategy. once mastered, these additions to your portfolio can help you to your financial goals.

HMOs are used by professionals, trades people, students and there is a growing need for them in the Social Housing sector. The programme is crammed with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to develop a successful HMO Portfolio.

During the 3 days we will cover:

  • The Housing Act 2004, what is HMO, why may it be differently interpreted.
  • Regulations: HHSRS, Fire safety, Electrics, Gas, signs, access.
  • Working with the Authorities
  • Different types, student, Bed-sit, Flats.
  • Review case studies of HMOs.
  • Financials, cashflow, what to calculate and how.
  • Costs of set up, building, timescales and license.
  • Strategies, locations, price points, deposits, research.
  • Management, Operations and systems

This course is real time action, with actual case studies of properties to review and possibly purchase HMO’s. We concentrate on teaching you how to make this strategy work well and safely.



Held in Richmond, this course was designed just over three years ago and has begun to revolutionise the UK property markets. As the only educators on Lease Options, we have taught most of the current UK investors in this strategy.

During the 3 days this dynamic training will cover:

  • How to create a Lease-Option Money Machine that pays you quick cash and a steady monthly income.
  • How to create contracts that allow you to purchase property for little or no money down and virtually risk free.
  • How to spot the opportunity of what makes the perfect Lease Option and how to market and negotiate a win-win offer on a potential Lease Option deal
  • A specialist Solicitor will walk you through how to set up legalities and contracts for Lease Options. This will cover what occurs in the event of:
    • Death
    • Bankruptcy
    • MIA of all parties
    • How to successfully deal with the lenders to assume control in the correct way
    • A due diligence process to ensure you are protected at all time
  • Solid proven strategies to create huge monthly cash flow to allow you financial freedom.
  • Techniques to help first time buyers enter the property ladder.
  • Techniques to help individuals avert repossession, provide solutions for those that may otherwise struggle.




This interactive training effectively delivers the concepts of operating properties that you do not own yourself with the objective of making a positive cash flow each month by adopting the Serviced Accommodation or Let 2 Multi-let (HMO) strategies. The course goes on further to show how the Serviced Accommodation strategy can be applied to properties that you may already own or are thinking of owning in the future; highlighting the benefits (and the pitfalls to be aware of) with real life examples. One of the primary goals of the course is to give you a ‘business in a box’ with all the tools needed upon attending to go out and implement the strategies discussed. The course is delivered by two successful property investors, entrepreneurs and business owners.

During the three days you will cover:



This 3 day specialist BUY-TO-LET course is designed and delivered by experienced Social Housing investors. It aims to equip established and aspiring investors alike, with the knowhow to build good cash-fl owing portfolios in a dynamic market. Investors in the sector benefi t from access to ‘tools’ that are unique to this strategy and with increasing numbers of working tenants now needing Housing Benefits top ups to pay rising rents, the Social Housing strategy is defi nitely ‘mainstream’!

This course continues to develop in response to significant changes taking place in the UK - from the weak economy, changing employment patterns
and Welfare Reforms amongst others, and will be highly benefi cial for all investors looking to take action and to invest successfully!

Social Housing Learning Objectives:

  • Understand opportunities for investors in the Social Housing sector
  • Learn to access and employ ‘unique tools’ available to Social Housing Investors such as development grants and other incentives
  • Get to grips with relevant legislation, issues and challenges resulting from government-led Welfare Reforms
  • Examine Local Authority and Housing Association leases
  • Learn about the Local Housing Allowance, Universal Credit and Housing Benefits
  • Identify suitable property and locations to target for investment
  • Understand how to finance your investments
  • Determine how to prepare property to required standards
  • Review relevant case studies and lessons
  • Prepare personal action plans





Most of the Advanced training courses are held in the permanent training facility in London and like the basic training, span a long weekend.